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As the old saying goes, he came, he saw, he conquered. Well times have changed and so has this saying in a way. Nowadays it is- he logged in, he saw and the world was at his feet. Well internet and FB in particular has made this possible. To break it down further- well begun is half done and to begin on FB you need a FB login.

How do I log in to my Facebook account?

FB login is possible both from your mobile and from a computer, depending on what you are using.

For those making FB login  on mobile phones:-

  1. Type https://m.facebook.com/ on your mobile browser.
  2. Type your e-mail id, username or mobile number connected to your account in the designated box
  3. Type your password and hit the log in button.

For those making FB login from a computer:

  1. Before doing anything just be sure no one else is logged in to Facebook on that same computer from which you will make a login. If you find a login, just log out of Facebook and close the site.
  2. Type www.facebook.com in the browser. Alternatively, you can also type in www.fb.com. In both cases you will be taken to the site https://www.facebook.com/
  3. On this page, simple login steps are to be followed. Just check the login button on the top right hand corner of the page. To the immediate left of this button, you will find two empty fields/ boxes which are to be filled by you.
  4. You have to fill in the email address, username or mobile number with which you had got registered to your Facebook account.
  5. The next step is to fill the password with which you had signed to Facebook.
  6. Finally hit the login button to make a FB login.

Difference between FB login and FB sign up

  1. Sign up for FB: Signing up for FB means that you are new to the site and do not have an account yet. You can sign up by creating an account using an e-mail id, username or mobile number. One just has to fill an FB application form which asks about your gender, birthday etc.
  2. FB login: This means you already have an account on FB and you just have to enter your details and use your already existing FB account, that is follow the process as outlined above for FB login.

FB login problems and issues

The Facebook Help Centre helps you in case you have any problem related to FB login. Here is the guide to trouble shooting via Facebook Help Centre:

  1. If your FB login problem is because you do not know your password or have forgotten it, you should reset it. For this the reset option is available.
  2. In case you have forgotten your login email address, there is an option for you to make your FB login with your registered username or phone number.
  3. There are other troubleshooting tips for few instances of login issues, like:
    1. If you are having trouble logging in from your mobile, enter your entire correct mobile number including your country code, remove all the extra zeros, signs and any other special characters. If you still cannot login or have forgotten your password, hit help.
    2. If you keep getting logged out in spite of ticking on the “Keep me logged in” option, it may be because of your internet explorer version 7. In this case, open the internet explorer and click the buttons in this order: Tools > Internet Options > Security > Custom level. Thereafter, select the option of User Authentication in the list of settings and in that go to Automatic login with current user name and password and select the same. Your FB login problem will be sorted.
    3. If while making a FB login, you are being asked to save your computer to your account, this actually is not a login problem. It essentially means, you have turned on Login Approvals and Login Notifications in your account.
    4. Sometimes, the software you are using may block the sites that enable access to Facebook and so, you may be facing a FB login problem. For this all you have to do is to enter http://fbcdn.net/ and http://recaptcha.net into your browser's list of safe websites.
    5. If you have deactivated your account and want to activate it again, you can do it any time by just logging in. If you do not remember your password you can get a new one very easily.
    6. If you see the message "invalid link" or "Invalid code" message while resetting your password, make sure- be sure to copy the full code you got in the e-mail in the space provided. If you see "invalid link" try copying the entire link sent to you in your password reset mail and try pasting it on your browser.

FB login – precautions to be taken

One must make sure that only he or she uses the account and no one else is able to access the account and to ensure this:

  1. Always add another e mail address to your account as back up.
  2. If any of your e-mail addresses on your account is non operational or you do not remember the password make sure you remove that e- mail address from FB, else anyone else using that id can access your FB account by resetting your password.
  3. Always mention your authentic date of birth on FB sign up form so that FB can use it in recovering your account and so that you do not lose your account.
  4. Do check out the extra security features too.
  5. If you have login issues, FB is there to help you with a feedback form which you need to fill up and report the snag. You need to fill in the form with entering your e-mail id first. Then you need to describe what actually happened and what were you trying to do when the problem happened. There is an option to upload the screen shot too so that FB gets to know what actually went wrong while you were logging in.
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FB login Login approvals and notifications

Even if you take sufficient precautions, your FB login may be marred or disrupted by hackers looming large on the net space. For this Facebook itself provides additional security settings and layers to guard your FB login and to secure it from hacker or unwanted user invasion. These guards to FB login are in the form of Login Approvals and Login Notifications.

  1. Login Notifications on FB login: Simply put login notifications notify you o your email or mobile phone as soon as a FB login to your account is made from an unrecognized device. If you yourself make a FB login from a new device, you will be asked to give it a name and immediately, information about this device will be transferred either to your email address or your mobile in the form of a text message. For this, the pre-requisite is that you must get either your email address or your mobile number registered with Facebook
  2. Login Approvals on FB login: Login Approval is like adding an extra layer of security to your FB login apart from your password by providing another security code to enter or login. When you make a FB login, you are directed to a page where Facebook asks for a security code to login. Simultaneously, a security code is sent as a text message to your mobile phone. All you need to do is to type in that same code and then you can make your usual FB login. This makes a double-layered security cushioning to your FB login.

FB login to different websites and apps

  1. FB login for different sites: The idea and logic behind use of FB login for different websites is simple. The user goes to Facebook and makes a login. Facebook then transmits information to the server of the concerned website about the legitimacy of the person logging in. Facebook also gives other required information which would otherwise be filled up separately in case of independent login to the site. It signals the site that this login is the 4568xxxxxxx th user. So, the site gets all the benefits of keeping a record of the user and his/ her requirements. It can make a database of the users. So, next time when FB login is made by user no. 4568xxxxxxx, one signal of Facebook can help the website track down all information about the user stacked in its database. This makes follow up conversation with users very easy.
  2. FB login for different apps: We live in a world of apps. There are apps for shopping, for cabs, for jobs, for games, for astrology, for almost every small thing. What is more there are multiple apps just to know about other apps and yet another series of apps to compare other apps! Woof! The apps world today is infinite and continues to expand exponentially. Now imagine if we need a separate set of username and password for each such app, how much tedious it will get to login.
    For this, now the FB login is perfect. FB login is used by top apps on both iOS and Android. No need of filling out long forms. Nor is there any requirement of creating separate username and password. A FB login is enough.

Enable Login Approvals and Login Notifications for Facebook

To enable Login Approvals and Login Notifications, here are few simple steps to follow:

  1. Click on the "triangle" drop-down menu in the upper right portion of the Facebook page.
  2. Select "Account Settings". A new page will open.
  3. On the upper left portion of the Facebook page you will see a tab called "Security" with a gold badge icon next to it. Click on it.
  4. A list of security settings are presented. Look for "Login Notifications" and click on it.
  5. Select the methods by which you will be notified when your account logs into Facebook (email and text message) and click the "Save Changes" button.
  6. Immediately below the "Login Notifications" section there is the "Login Approvals" section. Select it.
  7. Click on the checkbox to enable Login Approvals. A small window will open which explains what Login Approvals are and how they work. Click on the "Set Up Now" button to configure Login Approvals. A text message will be sent to your registered cell phone. Enter the confirmation code and click "Submit Code". Another small window will open with some additional information. Click "Close".

Security options for FB login

Now with respect to FB logins to different apps, people may not like to share the information in their Facebook account in different apps. For this, some enhanced security and privacy options have come up. These are:

  1. Anonymous login: This is a better version of the guest login option that used to be there on Facebook previously.This gives users an option to use an app without sharing any of their personal information on Facebook with any app.
  2. Updated FB login: This one is a better version of the original FB login. It helps people to individually decide what all pieces of information can be shared in different apps when a Facebook login is made.
  3. Permissions: The website in question or the app concerned has to seek permissions from the user to access and use his/ her personal information stored in his/ her FB account based on the security settings of the user.

Thus, FB login is all about a whole lot of login experiences on Facebook with added benefits of access to other sites and apps. This is the first step to a whole world of Social Networking Experience!